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#    Copyright 2014-2015 ARM Limited
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

# pylint: disable=E1101
import os
import re
import time

import pexpect

from wlauto import BigLittleDevice, Parameter
from wlauto.exceptions import DeviceError
from wlauto.utils.serial_port import open_serial_connection, pulse_dtr
from import adb_connect, adb_disconnect, adb_list_devices
from wlauto.utils.uefi import UefiMenu, UefiConfig
from wlauto.utils.uboot import UbootMenu

AUTOSTART_MESSAGE = 'Press Enter to stop auto boot...'

[docs]class Juno(BigLittleDevice): name = 'juno' description = """ ARM Juno next generation big.LITTLE development platform. """ capabilities = ['reset_power'] has_gpu = True core_modules = [ 'vexpress', ] parameters = [ Parameter('retries', kind=int, default=2, description="""Specifies the number of times the device will attempt to recover (normally, with a hard reset) if it detects that something went wrong."""), Parameter('microsd_mount_point', default='/media/JUNO', description='Location at which the device\'s MicroSD card will be mounted.'), Parameter('port', default='/dev/ttyS0', description='Serial port on which the device is connected.'), Parameter('baudrate', kind=int, default=115200, description='Serial connection baud.'), Parameter('timeout', kind=int, default=300, description='Serial connection timeout.'), Parameter('core_names', default=['a53', 'a53', 'a53', 'a53', 'a57', 'a57'], override=True), Parameter('core_clusters', default=[0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1], override=True), Parameter('bootloader', default='uefi', allowed_values=['uefi', 'u-boot'], description="""Bootloader used on the device."""), Parameter('actually_disconnect', kind=bool, default=False, description=""" Actually perfom "adb disconnect" on closing the connection to the device. """), # VExpress flasher expects a device to have these: Parameter('uefi_entry', default='WA', description='The name of the entry to use (will be created if does not exist).'), Parameter('uefi_config', kind=UefiConfig, description='''Specifies the configuration for the UEFI entry for his device. In an entry specified by ``uefi_entry`` parameter doesn't exist in UEFI menu, it will be created using this config. This configuration will also be used, when flashing new images.''', default={ 'image_name': 'Image', 'image_args': None, # populated from bootargs if not specified 'fdt_support': True, } ), Parameter('bootargs', description='''Default boot arguments to use when boot_arguments were not.'''), ] short_delay = 1 firmware_prompt = 'Cmd>' def validate(self): if not self.uefi_config.image_args: self.uefi_config.image_args = self.bootargs
[docs] def boot(self, hard=False, **kwargs): if kwargs: self.bootargs = kwargs # pylint: disable=attribute-defined-outside-init if hard: self.logger.debug('Performing a hard reset.') self.hard_reset() else: self.logger.debug('Resetting the device.') self.reset() if self.bootloader == 'uefi': self._boot_via_uefi() else: self._boot_via_uboot(bootargs=self.bootargs)
def _boot_via_uboot(self, **kwargs): if not kwargs: # Standard linaro configuration will proceed directly to the kernel return with open_serial_connection(port=self.port, baudrate=self.baudrate, timeout=self.timeout, init_dtr=0) as target: menu = UbootMenu(target) self.logger.debug('Waiting for U-Boot prompt...') for var, value in kwargs.iteritems(): menu.setenv(var, value) menu.boot() def _boot_via_uefi(self): with open_serial_connection(port=self.port, baudrate=self.baudrate, timeout=self.timeout, init_dtr=0) as target: menu = UefiMenu(target) self.logger.debug('Waiting for UEFI menu...') try: except LookupError: self.logger.debug('{} UEFI entry not found.'.format(self.uefi_entry)) self.logger.debug('Attempting to create one using default flasher configuration.') menu.create_entry(self.uefi_entry, self.uefi_config) self.logger.debug('Waiting for the Android prompt.') target.expect(self.android_prompt, timeout=self.timeout)
[docs] def connect(self): if not self._is_ready: if not self.adb_name: # pylint: disable=E0203 with open_serial_connection(timeout=self.timeout, port=self.port, baudrate=self.baudrate, init_dtr=0) as target: target.sendline('') self.logger.debug('Waiting for the Android prompt.') target.expect(self.android_prompt) self.logger.debug('Waiting for IP address...') wait_start_time = time.time() while True: target.sendline('ip addr list eth0') time.sleep(1) try: target.expect(r'inet ([1-9]\d*.\d+.\d+.\d+)', timeout=10) self.adb_name = + ':5555' # pylint: disable=W0201 break except pexpect.TIMEOUT: pass # We have our own timeout -- see below. if (time.time() - wait_start_time) > self.ready_timeout: raise DeviceError('Could not acquire IP address.') if self.adb_name in adb_list_devices(): adb_disconnect(self.adb_name) adb_connect(self.adb_name, timeout=self.timeout) super(Juno, self).connect() # wait for boot to complete etc. self._is_ready = True
[docs] def disconnect(self): if self._is_ready: super(Juno, self).disconnect() if self.actually_disconnect: adb_disconnect(self.adb_name) self._is_ready = False
[docs] def reset(self): # Currently, reboot is not working in Android on Juno, so # perfrom a ahard reset instead self.hard_reset()
[docs] def hard_reset(self): self.disconnect() self.adb_name = None # Force re-acquire IP address on reboot. pylint: disable=attribute-defined-outside-init with open_serial_connection(port=self.port, baudrate=self.baudrate, timeout=300, init_dtr=0, get_conn=True) as (target, conn): pulse_dtr(conn, state=True, duration=0.1) # TRM specifies a pulse of >=100ms i = target.expect([AUTOSTART_MESSAGE, self.firmware_prompt]) if i: self.logger.debug('Saw firmware prompt.') time.sleep(self.short_delay) target.sendline('reboot') else: self.logger.debug('Saw auto boot message.')
[docs] def wait_for_microsd_mount_point(self, target, timeout=100): attempts = 1 + self.retries if os.path.exists(os.path.join(self.microsd_mount_point, 'config.txt')): return self.logger.debug('Waiting for VExpress MicroSD to mount...') for i in xrange(attempts): if i: # Do not reboot on the first attempt. target.sendline('reboot') for _ in xrange(timeout): time.sleep(self.short_delay) if os.path.exists(os.path.join(self.microsd_mount_point, 'config.txt')): return raise DeviceError('Did not detect MicroSD mount on {}'.format(self.microsd_mount_point))
[docs] def get_android_id(self): # Android ID currenlty not set properly in Juno Android builds. return 'abad1deadeadbeef'