wlauto package



wlauto.config_example module

Default config for Workload Automation. DO NOT MODIFY this file. This file gets copied to ~/.workload_automation/config.py on initial run of run_workloads. Add your configuration to that file instead.

wlauto.exceptions module

exception wlauto.exceptions.CommandError[source]

Bases: wlauto.exceptions.WAError

Raised by commands when they have encountered an error condition during execution.

exception wlauto.exceptions.ConfigError[source]

Bases: wlauto.exceptions.WAError

Raised when configuration provided is invalid. This error suggests that the user should modify their config and try again.

exception wlauto.exceptions.DeviceError[source]

Bases: wlauto.exceptions.WAError

General Device error.

exception wlauto.exceptions.DeviceNotRespondingError(device)[source]

Bases: wlauto.exceptions.WAError

The device is not responding.

exception wlauto.exceptions.HostError[source]

Bases: wlauto.exceptions.WAError

Problem with the host on which WA is running.

exception wlauto.exceptions.InstrumentError[source]

Bases: wlauto.exceptions.WAError

General Instrument error.

exception wlauto.exceptions.LoaderError(message, exc_info=None)[source]

Bases: wlauto.exceptions.WAError

Raised when there is an error loading an extension or an external resource. Apart form the usual message, the __init__ takes an exc_info parameter which should be the result of sys.exc_info() for the original exception (if any) that caused the error.

exception wlauto.exceptions.ModuleError[source]

Bases: wlauto.exceptions.WAError

Problem with a module.


Modules for specific extension types should raise execeptions appropriate to that extension. E.g. a Device module should raise DeviceError. This is intended for situation where a module is unsure (and/or doesn’t care) what its owner is.

exception wlauto.exceptions.NotFoundError[source]

Bases: wlauto.exceptions.WAError

Raised when the specified item is not found.

exception wlauto.exceptions.ResourceError[source]

Bases: wlauto.exceptions.WAError

General Resolver error.

exception wlauto.exceptions.ResultProcessorError[source]

Bases: wlauto.exceptions.WAError

General ResultProcessor error.

exception wlauto.exceptions.ToolError[source]

Bases: wlauto.exceptions.WAError

Raised by tools when they have encountered an error condition during execution.

exception wlauto.exceptions.ValidationError[source]

Bases: wlauto.exceptions.WAError

Raised on failure to validate an extension.

exception wlauto.exceptions.WAError[source]

Bases: exceptions.Exception

Base class for all Workload Automation exceptions.

exception wlauto.exceptions.WorkerThreadError(thread, exc_info)[source]

Bases: wlauto.exceptions.WAError

This should get raised in the main thread if a non-WAError-derived exception occurs on a worker/background thread. If a WAError-derived exception is raised in the worker, then it that exception should be re-raised on the main thread directly – the main point of this is to preserve the backtrace in the output, and backtrace doesn’t get output for WAErrors.

exception wlauto.exceptions.WorkloadError[source]

Bases: wlauto.exceptions.WAError

General Workload error.

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