wlauto.workloads.stress_ng package

Module contents

class wlauto.workloads.stress_ng.StressNg(device, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: wlauto.core.workload.Workload

aliases = AC([])
artifacts = AC([])
core_modules = []
description = '\n stress-ng will stress test a computer system in various selectable ways. It\n was designed to exercise various physical subsystems of a computer as well\n as the various operating system kernel interfaces.\n\n stress-ng can also measure test throughput rates; this can be useful to\n observe performance changes across different operating system releases or\n types of hardware. However, it has never been intended to be used as a\n precise benchmark test suite, so do NOT use it in this manner.\n\n The official website for stress-ng is at:\n http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~cking/stress-ng/\n\n Source code are available from:\n http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git/cking/stress-ng.git/\n '
finalize(*args, **kwargs)
initialize(*args, **kwargs)
kind = 'workload'
name = 'stress_ng'
parameters = AC(["Param({'kind': <type 'list'>, 'mandatory': None, 'name': 'modules', 'constraint': None, 'default': None, 'allowed_values': None, 'global_alias': None, 'override': False})", "Param({'kind': <type 'str'>, 'mandatory': None, 'name': 'stressor', 'constraint': None, 'default': 'cpu', 'allowed_values': ['cpu', 'io', 'fork', 'switch', 'vm', 'pipe', 'yield', 'hdd', 'cache', 'sock', 'fallocate', 'flock', 'affinity', 'timer', 'dentry', 'urandom', 'sem', 'open', 'sigq', 'poll'], 'global_alias': None, 'override': False})", "Param({'kind': <function integer>, 'mandatory': None, 'name': 'threads', 'constraint': None, 'default': 0, 'allowed_values': None, 'global_alias': None, 'override': False})", "Param({'kind': <function integer>, 'mandatory': None, 'name': 'duration', 'constraint': None, 'default': 60, 'allowed_values': None, 'global_alias': None, 'override': False})"])
validate(*args, **kwargs)