APK Workloads

APK resolution

WA has various resource getters that can be configured to locate APK files but for most people APK files should be kept in the $WA_USER_DIRECTORY/dependencies/SOME_WORKLOAD/ directory. (by default ~/.workload_automation/dependencies/SOME_WORKLOAD/). The WA_USER_DIRECTORY enviroment variable can be used to chnage the location of this folder. The APK files need to be put into the corresponding directories for the workload they belong to. The name of the file can be anything but as explained below may need to contain certain peices of information.

All ApkWorkloads have parameters that affect the way in which APK files are resolved, exact_abi, force_install and check_apk. Their exact behaviours are outlined below.


If this setting is enabled WA’s resource resolvers will look for the devices ABI with any native code present in the apk. By default this setting is disabled since most apks will work across all devices. You may wish to enable this feature when working with devices that support multiple ABI’s (like 64-bit devices that can run 32-bit APK files) and are specifically trying to test one or the other.


If this setting is enabled WA will always use the APK file on the host, and re-install it on every iteration. If there is no APK on the host that is a suitable version and/or ABI for the workload WA will error when force_install is enabled.


This parameter is used to specify a preference over host or target versions of the app. When set to True WA will prefer the host side version of the APK. It will check if the host has the APK and if the host APK meets the version requirements of the workload. If does and the target already has same version nothing will be done, other wise it will overwrite the targets app with the host version. If the hosts is missing the APK or it does not meet version requirements WA will fall back to the app on the target if it has the app and it is of a suitable version. When this parameter is set to false WA will prefer to use the version already on the target if it meets the workloads version requirements. If it does not it will fall back to search the host for the correct version. In both modes if neither the host nor target have a suitable version, WA will error and not run the workload.

Some workloads will also feature the follow parameters which will alter the way their APK files are resolved.


This parameter is used to specify which version of uiautomation for the workload is used. In some workloads e.g. geekbench multiple versions with drastically different UI’s are supported. When a workload uses a version it is required for the APK file to contain the uiautomation version in the file name. In the case of antutu the file names could be: geekbench_2.apk or geekbench_3.apk.


Some workloads use variants of APK files, this is usually the case with web browser APK files, these work in exactly the same way as the version, the variant of the apk