wlauto.workloads.memcpy package

Module contents

class wlauto.workloads.memcpy.MemcpyTest(device, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: wlauto.core.workload.Workload

aliases = AC([])
artifacts = AC([])
core_modules = []
description = '\n Runs memcpy in a loop.\n\n This will run memcpy in a loop for a specified number of times on a buffer\n of a specified size. Additionally, the affinity of the test can be set to one\n or more specific cores.\n\n This workload is single-threaded. It genrates no scores or metrics by itself.\n\n '
finalize(*args, **kwargs)
initialize(*args, **kwargs)
kind = 'workload'
name = 'memcpy'
parameters = AC(["Param({'kind': <type 'list'>, 'mandatory': None, 'name': 'modules', 'constraint': None, 'default': None, 'allowed_values': None, 'global_alias': None, 'override': False})", "Param({'kind': <function integer>, 'mandatory': None, 'name': 'buffer_size', 'constraint': None, 'default': 5242880, 'allowed_values': None, 'global_alias': None, 'override': False})", "Param({'kind': <function integer>, 'mandatory': None, 'name': 'iterations', 'constraint': None, 'default': 1000, 'allowed_values': None, 'global_alias': None, 'override': False})", "Param({'kind': <type 'list'>, 'mandatory': None, 'name': 'cpus', 'constraint': None, 'default': [], 'allowed_values': None, 'global_alias': None, 'override': False})"])
validate(*args, **kwargs)