wlauto.instrumentation.hwmon package

Module contents

class wlauto.instrumentation.hwmon.HwmonInstrument(device, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: wlauto.core.instrumentation.Instrument

aliases = AC([])
artifacts = AC([])
core_modules = []
description = "\n Hardware Monitor (hwmon) is a generic Linux kernel subsystem,\n providing access to hardware monitoring components like temperature or\n voltage/current sensors.\n\n The following web page has more information:\n\n http://blogs.arm.com/software-enablement/925-linux-hwmon-power-management-and-arm-ds-5-streamline/\n\n You can specify which sensors HwmonInstrument looks for by specifying\n hwmon_sensors in your config.py, e.g. ::\n\n hwmon_sensors = ['energy', 'temp']\n\n If this setting is not specified, it will look for all sensors it knows about.\n Current valid values are::\n\n :energy: Collect energy measurements and report energy consumed\n during run execution (the diff of before and after readings)\n in Joules.\n :temp: Collect temperature measurements and report the before and\n after readings in degrees Celsius.\n\n "
finalize(*args, **kwargs)
initialize(*args, **kwargs)
kind = 'instrument'
name = 'hwmon'
parameters = AC(["Param({'kind': <type 'list'>, 'mandatory': None, 'name': 'modules', 'constraint': None, 'default': None, 'allowed_values': None, 'global_alias': None, 'override': False})", "Param({'kind': <function list_of_strs>, 'mandatory': None, 'name': 'sensors', 'constraint': None, 'default': ['energy', 'temp'], 'allowed_values': ['energy', 'temp'], 'global_alias': 'hwmon_sensors', 'override': False})"])
validate(*args, **kwargs)